Dear Nutribyte Clients

As you know we started Nutribyte via an online service where we delivered single bags to clients all over Gauteng. This service was offered online in order to get our brand into the market and also to get people aware of what we had to offer with a unique service of getting your orders delivered to your door. Unfortunately, due to pressing economic factors and increasing Diesel/fuel prices, this service is no longer feasible for us. Come 30 November 2018 our Nutribyte online store will be closed down permanently. We would however like to encourage our clients to continue supporting us, therefor would like to bring to your attention that most Pet Shops and some Vet Shop/ Veterinarians within the Gauteng region now stock our brand. You are welcome to utilize our store locator at www.nutribyte.co.za which will assist you in finding your closest stockist. Should you not find a stockist within a close proximity of your residence, please feel free to contact our office or any of our representatives in order for us to assist you.

Douw Kruger (Sales Representative Breeders/ Kennels / NPO’s) – 082 938 5826
Michelle De Bruin – 066 303 6018 – National Sales Manager
Sunette Schoeman (Office) – 066 307 4808 – Personal Assistant / Admin
Marko Botha – 083 463 0873 - Director

We would like to thank you for your continued support and also for utilizing our online store service, we truly regret having to see the online store come to an end but as mentioned, due to the current economic state we will have to raise the fees to such an extent, it will no longer make it feasible for any of our online customers. Buying from respective stores stocking our Nutribyte range you will still be able to get your hands on our brand at a reduced price compared to the online store prices.